OPULENCE  is synonymous with elegance, and luxury. MUSE  is to consider something thoughtfully. It’s means a person — especially a woman — who is a source of artistic inspiration. In mythology, with the concept of these two idea OPULENCE MUSE  Established in 2016, founded by Muhammad Mansoor Alam Khan.

From fashion school to a powerful designer duo, Mansoor Alam Khan has quickly taken over the hearts of women with their distinctive designs and unique aesthetics. Mansoor Alam Khan graduated from FITFD (Faisailabad Institute Textile and Fashion Design) GC University. Mansoor Alam Khan persue their passion followed through on a long-time ago dream from his mother SAFIA DURRANI. Her dream was established and launching their clothing brand . Following her mother dream, with the support of his Brother Zeeshan Alam Khan, two elder sister’s Hadia Khan & Aafia Khan. He started finding the inspiration in one another’s style, In 2016 Mansoor Alam Khan launched the brand, OPULENCE MUSE COLLECTIONS (PRIVATE) LIMITED with the prayer and idea of his mother. His knowledge of designing for effortless, sophisticated and finds strength. From then he setting the bar with their innovation, contemporary yet traditional designs.

 OPULENCE MUSE is the brand’s wildly successful seasonal unstitched printed fabric collection which was first launched in 2016 and has quickly become a summer must have. In 2020 OPULENCE MUSE launched RTW (Ready to Wear) in casual, formal. And soon added unstitched formal wear collection with the name of خُو شگوار set a excellent impact.